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About Us:

Managing Director & CEO:
  Mr. Syed Vaqas Tanveer
Chief Technology Officer:
  Mr. Mohammad Irfan
Senior Linguist:
  Mr. Salamat Bariah Zindani
Linguist & DEOs (Pakistan Office) :
  Mr. Amjad Ali (Incharge)
  Mr. Muhammad Umar
  Mr. Faizan Ahmed
  Mr. Muhammad Shahzad
  Mr. Tanveer Subhani
  Mr. Abdur Rahman
  Mr. Mohsin Raza
  Mr. Imran Ali
  Mr. Mubashar Khan
Contact Information:
  Email: sales@urduenglishdictionary.org
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Volunteer Contributions:

Dr. Muhammad Moazzam Javed Haidari (contributed Medical Dictionary Terms)
Utter Pradesh, INDIA.
Email: moazzamhaidari@yahoo.com


We welcome all our visitors to send their contributions If they have some Urdu-English terms in unicode format and want to contribute to this free urdu english dictionary then please send your data files to sales@urduenglishdictionary.org.

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